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David Marfizo December 13th 2018

posted 11 Jan 2019, 00:45 by Gordon Reid

Gordon is a fantastic instructor. My first attempt at the test didn't go very well. 
I didn't feel like I was fully prepared for it, and as a result I was not successful. I decided to switch instructors and after contacting Gordon and having a chat I felt pretty confident he would be able to not only help me to pass the test but 
Also help me to be a safer driver. I had no problem passing the test today. I was fully prepped
On the different roads i would be tested on, areas of Aberdeen that i would need to be very aware of tricky road layouts.

He also was able to work through a couple of my bad habits which i would have definitely been faulted on.

His truck is very easy to handle, as well his trailer is in perfect condition. The area that he has to practice the reverse manoeuvre as well as the uncouple and re-couple is great. He has a full size area the same as the test centre, which was a massive help to me.

The only down side was not going with him on my first attempt...